All Certificate Courses are offered on our school campus within the student’s normal school timetable. Access to other Certificate courses available through SWIT are also offered to all upper school students.  This gives the student a distinct advantage as they have the choice of broad University or VET pathways.   BCC is unique in offering such combinations of university and VET pathways.  Bunbury Catholic College has a great track record of Academic excellence and university entrance.

Certificate Courses offered within the College Curriculum for Upper School students

Certificate II Business

Certificate III Visual Arts

Certificate II Construction Pathways

Certificate II   Outdoor Education

Certificate II   Sport and Recreation

Certificate II Community Services (Children’s Services)

Certificate I or II Engineering

Certificate III Music

Cert II Film and Photography

Certificate II Sampling and Measurement

PAIS- Pre- Apprenticeship in School

VIS-VET in school

Cert I Business

Cert I Sport & Recreation (Outdoor Education)

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